Chloe Lum & Yannick Desranleau


Chloe Lum & Yannick Desranleau Nominated
on the 2015 Sobey Art Awards Longlist

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2015 Long List

Québec Nominees Bios

From the Canadian Art article:

"[...] The Quebec longlist names Jon Rafman, who attracted international attention with his uncanny Google Street View screenshots; painter Allison Katz, who embraces a return to figuration; research-based artist Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen, who currently works in Stockholm; Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum of the artist duo Seripop; and Montreal-based Sophie Bélair Clément, who uses a variety of methods, from writing to talks, to test the norms of display and exhibition making.

Each year, the Sobey Art Award is awarded to a visual artist age 40 and under who has exhibited in a public or commercial art gallery within 18 months of being nominated. The winner receives $50,000, each of four shortlisted finalists receives $10,000, and $500 goes to each of the remaining longlisted artists.

The members of the Sobey 2015 curatorial panel are Michelle Jacques, chief curator at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria; Meeka Walsh, curator and Border Crossings editor; Crystal Mowry, curator of Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery; Marc Lanctôt, curator at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal; David Diviney, curator of exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia; and guest curator Josée Drouin-Brisebois, curator of contemporary art at the National Gallery of Canada.

The 2015 shortlist will be announced on June 3. Work by the shortlisted artists will be shown in an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax, opening on September 26, 2015, with the winner being announced there on October 28, 2015."